Frequently Asked Questions


What does cloud-based mean and how would that impact me?

Cloud-based means that we can work anywhere in the world, with anyone in the world using cutting edge technology to communicate, pay bills, report, track time and more! The final result is a business that is more streamlined and efficient.

my company is pretty small, how can I justify this expense?

How can you not?

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”-Edmund Burke

This applies to the history of business as well. How will you know where to go if you don’t know where you’ve been and what the financial impact of that journey was? How can you plan your financial future without knowing where you currently stand?

Knowledge is key, and your time is valuable. If you are truly passionate about your business, the amount of revenue you could generate in the time you devoted to doing your bookkeeping and financial planning would be exponential compared to the expense of hiring us.

i would rather save the money and do this myself.

Those are great goals. But are you really saving money? If you paid us $550/month to update your books, do you think you can generate that amount in revenue, if not more, if your time wasn’t tied up doing your own accounting?

I’m used to employing a bookkeeper or controller, how would this be different?

In the majority of cases, a switch to a virtual financial team means cost savings for the business. All the expenses that go in to having an employee (i.e. taxes, insurance), would no longer be affecting your bottom line. In addition, since we work with several different types of businesses we function more like a peer versus employee so we can have difficult, sometimes sensitive conversations to help your business improve.

if I have you do my books, how do I get you the information you need?

We have the technology to “fetch” your bills from most vendors. In the absence of that, your vendors can email bills to a dedicated email address which feeds directly into our bill pay queue. Speaking of bill pay, most vendors we can pay electronically so they get their money faster, or we can go old fashioned an send them a check.

Just need to send a document? Each client is provided with their own secure, private portal where our communication happens and files can be uploaded and stored for future use on both sides.

I really don’t want it to appear like I have an outsourced financial team.

White label us! We have many different “titles” in many different companies: Controller, Director of Accounting, CFO, and more. Make your small business look like it’s really cooking by white labeling our services with your business name. Imagine your company having a full finance department?! Your clients will be impressed.