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Jen Zelinsky

I founded JPZ Bookkeeping, Inc. after noticing the common thread through my previous businesses was the affinity I had for doing my own books.  Whether that was the business of my own family finances or the business of my successful Calabasas retail store and subsequent wholesale business, keeping the books organized was always something I was drawn to.  While selling will always be in my blood, I grew to appreciate the balance that good bookkeeping and selling had provided me, and recognized that need in other small businesses.

While inventory is a specialty of JPZ Bookkeeping Inc., my company currently has a diverse client list which includes attorneys, food manufacturers, marketing companies, private families, and wholesale and retail companies. I believe my special skill set gained from being a small business owner provides me with a unique and invaluable perspective that my clients have come to rely on.

My mission every single day is to help small to medium sized businesses succeed. I know from my own experience how difficult, overwhelming and sometimes isolating being a business owner can be. My company provides the partnership, experience and high level conversations that most business owners crave. “It’s lonely at the top” doesn’t exist because it isn’t true. Let us be your business “buddy” and propel your business to one with less financial waste, greater efficiency and higher profits.


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